Axis multi-catalysis

The strategy followed by Nature to make complex molecules generally relies on the use of multistep cascade reactions. For these simultaneous enzymatic reactions to work well, Nature adopts the key concept of “compartmentalization” through which incompatible substrates and enzymes are spatially separated to avoid undesired interactions. This is a strategy chemists still do not know how to achieve and chemical synthesis too often delivers functional molecules at a high environmental cost.


The multi-catalysis axis of the LabEx plans to achieve sustainability through the elaboration of bioinspired multicatalytic assembly lines for the preparation of complex structures from simple bricks. Our approach will include the conception of functional macromolecules that will contain suitably positioned catalytic centers, the design of reactions and synthetic strategies amenable to the compartmentalization, and modeling methods to rationalize the multiple events.


  • Emmanuelle Schulz
  • Philippe Dauban

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