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Visite du Pr. Barry Thompson

Le LabEx CHARMMMAT accueille le Pr Barry Thompson (University of Southern California - Dept of Chemistry)



Barry thompson

Quatre séminaires sont prévus :

  • Understanding the Role of Organic Alloys in Polymer-Fullerene Ternary Blend Solar Cells
  • Optimization of Direct Arylation Polymerization (DArP) through the Identification and Control of Defects in Polymer Structure
  • Fine-Tuning Electronic and Physical Properties with Random and Semi-Random Conjugated Polymers
      • Optimization and Simplification of Polymer-Fullerene Solar Cells through Polymer and Active Layer Design

Le prochain séminaire aura lieu mardi 3 Mai à 15h à l'ILV-UVSQ, en salle de conférences.